Illumina Nextseq 500


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illumina Nextseq 500

Manufacturer: Illumina

Specification:   Click here for more information

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Room 6127A

Services Provided:

  1. 1.Exome, transriptome, targereted or whole genome sequencing

Sample Submission Guideline:

The facility is to be operated as first-come-first served basis.

Contact: Ms. Joyce Wong


Conditions of use:

General user policy

Other conditions:

  1. -The terms and conditions for using the Next 

  Generation Sequencing service are stated in the NGS  

  Service Request Form.

  1. -Please read and fill in the NGS Service Request Form and NGS Library Submission Form in FULL and submit it together with the sample(s) during office hour.

  2. -For enquiries about the charging scheme, please contact  

  Ms. Joyce Wong at 2358 5865 or via email

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